Farming Accounting

A Long-Term Farm Accounting Partnership

25 years of accounting services that assisted the establishment of a large-scale dairy farming operation to its success.

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    ABR Family Trust
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    Dairy Farming
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    Farming Accounting

ABR Family Trust

ABR Family Trust is a family owned and operated dairy farming business. Today they have just under 1000 cows across 330 hectares of land on the outskirts of Otorohanga. The business has been functioning for 25 years and continues to grow successfully with the help of Osbornes CA, who have been there from start to finish.

Where it all began

In 1995 partners Alan and Briar Rogers began took their first steps as business owners in the dairy farming industry. Before they could get started they needed accounting advice, and Tim Jones from Osbornes CA was the accountant they chose to help set up their business. 

When Alan and Briar established the ABR Family Trust they started out as contract milkers. In these early days Osbornes CA were key decision-makers in their business strategy, specifically with planning the budget.

Growth and success

Once Alan and Briar’s business was up and running, and with the help of Osbornes CA, there was no stopping them from developing successful careers and running a thriving business. There were big steps that needed to be taken when establishing themselves in the dairy farming industry, and Alan and Briar wanted the best expert advisement and the most support they could get throughout this process.

Osbornes CA did not only provide accounting compliance services - they helped the Rogers grow from contract milkers with a small turn over, to becoming owners of their large-scale dairy farming operation. Alan and Briar have found Osbornes CA to have been a key part of their business’s development, from helping them take on a second lease block of land, to taking over management of their business’s payroll.

25 years of partnership

The long-term partnership that the Rogers have had with Osbornes CA has enabled the partners to feel supported and confident with their decision-making, be it a big or small decision, throughout the lifetime of their business. The Rogers have always found the team “very friendly, well-rounded, and approachable,” and continue to use their expert services to help maintain the success of the ABR Family Trust.

“They come out with some weird and wonderful ideas, and always support your opinions.”
Alan Rogers

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