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A journey from establishment, to new ownership, and maintaining success.

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    Landmore Agri
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    Farming Equipment
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Landmore Agri

Landmore Agri is a farming equipment company which specialises in the installation of dairy and poultry farming equipment. Since their establishment in 2007, the company has used Osbornes CA for all business accounting needs. They started out based in Otorohanga, and have since grown to 16 team members and now maintain branches in Pukekohe and Matamata. 

Each step of the way

Original owner, John Moreland, had worked closely with Tim from Osbornes CA to set up both the personal side and the business side of Landmore Agri. Tims accounting expertise and services helped John along each step of the way to build and successfully manage Landmore Agri. These services included enhancing the business’s profitability, preparing annual accounts, and when the time eventually came, valuing the business for new ownership.

Business valuation & new ownership

When the prospect of selling came up, brothers Shayne and Matthew King who worked for John at the time decided to look at investing in the business as owners. This would require a wide examination of the business and its accounts, which was entirely new to the brothers.

“Osbornes CA were a huge help to myself and Matthew. It had all been new to us, and they helped us through every step of the way. We hold them in high regard.”

The process was a large transition that involved going through the books, valuing the business, and helping John sell to Shayne and Matt, who now own the majority of the company. The team at Osbornes CA took all the time that was needed to explain what was happening, what the purpose was, and make sure that it all made sense to Shayne and Matt.

Excellent service

Having a team that is big enough to get all of the work done, but also small enough to know every detail of your story is an invaluable quality that Shayne and Matt have found in Osbornes CA. “There is never an occasion where we haven’t had excellent service.” 

“There is always someone there to answer our questions, they’re always able to help.”
Shayne King

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