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How we helped Jean & Jim secure a comfortable retirement.

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Jim has been with Osbornes CA for over 50 years, with it all starting in 1966 with his needs for farming accounting services.

Fast forward from 1966, soon after Jim had married his partner Jean, the two were asked by the ANZ bank to pull down one of their buildings and build a new bank. They took on the challenge, taking their first step into the world of commercial property leasing with a blue chip tenant. The Waikato Trust bank also later requested for the same opportunity that Jean & Jim had provided for ANZ.

Property leasing shortly became their main source of income and with the help of Osbornes CA, Jim and Jean were able to efficiently navigate and manage their finances.

Jim & Jean have worked closely with Tim Jones to file returns and remain compliant who they have found to always be discreet, efficient, and do an excellent job of presenting their accounts. Tim’s services have always been easy for them to understand and they’ve both always felt that he has understood them and where they are coming from, no matter how ambitious their plans were.

Jean & Jim's Experience

Working with Jean & Jim across the entirety of their time leasing commercial property has meant that they have been able to better manage their finances, plan strategically, and make smarter decisions. Osbornes CA have well and truly seen them through it all.

“Amazing service all the way through.”

Jean & Jim are now retired, living in Taupo and happily managing two commercial properties. Thanks to our help with financial management the couple were able to build a successful business, and as a result can now step back and enjoy life in retirement with a steady passive income.

“I’ve been with them my whole accounting life since 1966 - great people the whole way through.”
Jean & Jim

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