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Devising a solution for Rekalo Developments that would save the owners a large sum off of their tax bill.

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Rekalo Developments Ltd

Rekalo Developments Ltd is a land and property development company. Rosalie and David Coupland are the co-owners who also run and co-own transport and distribution company, Couplands Transport (1929). 

On a daily basis the partners travel around Auckland and the central North Island, and recently began taking small steps back from their busy careers. For 10 years they have received property accounting support and expertise from Osbornes CA that has seen them through the accounting challenges along their journey.

Choosing a new accountant

In 2009, Rosalie and David needed a new accountant as their previous one was selling out. With two large-scale companies, and another six underneath the Couplands Transport umbrella, it would be no small task. Tim Jones from Osbornes CA was among those recommended by their lawyer. Hearing of his excellent service made him the obvious choice. 

Osbornes CA have since looked after the compliance, gst, monthly accounting, and xero support for Rekalo Developments. Tim has always been available for support and his property accounting expertise, often attending many of their business meetings.

Problem & Solution

When looking to take a step back from Rekalo Developments, the Couplands came across a new problem. Due to its structuring, 15 hectares of land development belonging to the company would be heavily taxed if sold or built on. 

Tim stepped in to analyse their situation and draw up a new plan that would enable the partners to achieve the outcome they were after. Tim was able to devise a solution that would save Rekalo Developments a large amount off of their tax bill. 

More than business

For the Couplands, working with Osbornes CA is more than just business. They’ve become good friends with the team, a couple of which they still meet for lunch with. Tim has always been their as a support with accounting as well as a friend, even at one point visiting Rosalie in hospital. As the Couplands continue to wind down from their careers Osbornes CA remain an integral part of the journey, enabling their businesses to thrive and giving the partners all the support they could need.

“Everything is excellent, they go above and beyond.”
Managing Director

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